Alexandra Kuestersteffen, MA, LPC

Alexandra Kuestersteffen, MA, LPC

Alex’s counseling approach is based in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (an action-oriented cognitive behavioral therapy) and combines mindfulness with person-centered and trauma-informed models. Within this eclectic style, counseling is a collaborative journey based on the client’s unique goals, values, needs, and experiences that explores the connection between feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Counseling is meeting clients where they are, validating their experiences, and fostering personal growth using compassionate, empathy, humor and optimism (loudly and possibly wearing heavy boots). Within session work, building a safe and open environment is key to creating opportunities to examine concerns, work on cognitive reframing, and coping skills development.  Alex enjoys providing teen therapy, as well as adult therapy.

Alex heavily emphasizes personal autonomy with her clients and operates with unconditional positive regard. She is an LGBTQ+ affirmative, sex positive, multiculturally based clinician. She has worked with adolescents, adults, couples and families with a range of presenting concerns in community behavioral health, non-profit, private practice and residential settings. Areas of experience include anxiety, depression, mood disorders, substance use and co-occurring disorders, interpersonal relationships, stress, and trauma.

Alex completed a Master’s of Counseling and Guidance with an emphasis in Mental Health at the University of Missouri – Kansas City. Alex completed practicum and internship with UMKC’s Community Counseling and Assessment Services and a residential treatment facility for co-occurring disorders.

Reality is not so much what happens to us; rather, it is how we think about those events that create the reality we experience. In a very real sense, this means that we each create the reality in which we live. (Albert Ellis)

Alex practices in our Northland location evenings and weekends.

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