Burke LeValley, T-LMLP

Burke using biofeedback to show efficacy

Burke LeValley, T-LMLP

Master’s Level Psychologist, Neurofeedback Provider

Do you or a loved one find yourself struggling to keep up with the changing demands of work, school, or family life? Are problems with attention, focus, anxiety, sleep, or mood interfering with your daily routines and commitments?  How do you address these issues discretely, while working around an already busy schedule? Burke is here to help discover the underlying causes of your pain, and gain relief to restore your balance and peace.  Help for your anxiety and trauma is here, and Burke looks forward to helping you on your healing path with neurofeedback and brief talk therapy.

Treatment Modalities and Neurofeedback

Using a strengths-based approach that incorporates brief talk therapy strategies, biofeedback, and mindfulness practices into your sessions, Burke LeValley, MS, T-LMLP will help foster your own capacity for self-awareness, self-regulation, and mind/body healing. As a master’s level psychologist trained and certified in Neurofeedback (EEG Biofeedback), Interactive Metronome, and other complimentary biofeedback systems, Burke works with clients of all ages to help alleviate the symptoms associated with a wide variety of brain and body disorders, including anxiety and depression.

Burke is your partner in developing the right treatment plan for what your needs are.  He brings over two years of experience and expertise utilizing various biofeedback modalities to influence his approach to treatment helping children, teens and adults on their journey to wellness.  His experience has provided relief for the following presenting concerns:

  • attention deficits
  • behavioral disorders
  • autism & ongoing developmental delays
  • insomnia
  • anxiety & depression
  • traumatic brain injury
  • learning disabilities
  • PTSD (including any traumatic event)
  • age related cognitive impairment   

For more information on the various modalities of biofeedback, and how Burke’s treatment approach with interactive metronome may help you or your loved one, click here.

Burke received his Bachelor’s Degree in English-Linguistics, and a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from Emporia State University.  He also received an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity Studies, and is an ordained minister.  


  • EEGer Certified Neurofeedback Provider
  • Interactive Metronome Certified Provider
  • QEEG Certification

Burke practices in our Lenexa location, and able to schedule biofeedback sessions early Fall of 2019.  For more information on his availability, or to schedule a free 15 minute consultation, please call today!