Group Therapy

Group Therapy at Embark Counseling Services

Group Therapy provides many opportunities and benefits to meet you right where you are with life challenges.  Although the benefits of each group are different, each group is meant to help support your growth.  Also, a group setting may help you realize you are not alone. Participating in group therapy can help you find your “voice,” as well as healthier ways to view yourself, your world and your experiences.  Group therapy is a safe place for you to navigate life challenges and transitions in a supportive environment.  Click here for an article that explains group therapy, and its benefits, in greater detail.

For more information on any of the groups listed, please contact To register for one of our groups, click on it’s image.


Northland Group Offerings


Graphic Novel Group Flyer
Graphic Novel Group – Teens led by Ashley Lawrence, CIT



Emotional Regulation Group Therapy Flyer
Emotional Regulation – Teens led by Ashley Cross, PLPC and Amanda Pina, LMSW




Northland Play Group Therapy Flyer - Ages 3-5
Northland Play Group – 3-5 led by Brittany Talley, LPC, RPT

Lenexa Group Offerings


Lenexa Play Group Flyer - Ages 3-5
Lenexa Play Group – 3-5 led by Brittany Talley, LPC, RPT


Lenexa Play Group Flyer - Ages 6-9
Lenexa Play Group – 6-9 led by Jimmarie Stinson, PLPC, LPC