Individual and Family Counseling

Are you concerned about your child or teen and their emotional well-being or development? Is their behavior dominating your family’s daily life? Has your child or teen experienced a traumatic event that is difficult to understand or handle? Have you wondered what to do to help your child cope with what they are experiencing? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you and your child may benefit from counseling. Most families experience discord, feel stuck or overwhelmed at some time. It may seem like you just can’t get ahead in life. While everyone feels this way from time to time, sometimes it can be hard to make changes on your own. Whatever your struggles may be, seeking counseling is an excellent way to make changes in your life.

Counseling services typically begin with an initial consultation with the child or teen and the parents and other family members (if appropriate). After the initial consultation, or up to four sessions, treatment suggestions will be discussed and agreed upon at a subsequent therapy session. In counseling sessions, we create a partnership with your child in a safe, caring and supportive place to explore life’s difficulties, and learn how to balance social, emotional or behavioral challenges, and improve their relationships. Together, we navigate a new path of hope and healing with guidance from a strength-based perspective, whether in individual or family counseling. We encourage a positive and collaborative relationship with the parents of each child, and we believe that each parents’ involvement in the child’s therapy is important to the child’s progress. Oftentimes, family counseling is indicated to help integrate your child’s positive growth into the family dynamics and parent-child relationship. We approach therapy with families from a systems approach, focusing on attachment styles and patterns. All connections and communication patterns in the family impact another, and an approach that focuses on all connections and patterns provides not only relief for the pain, discord or imbalance that you are experiencing in your family, but it also works on the root cause for the issue. This provides a new path for the family to embrace peace and enjoyment of each other.