Nexus Parenting Group


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Are you looking for support and guidance in understanding your child’s development and developmentally appropriate behaviors?

Are you concerned about a change in your family, or an adverse experience, that has caused distress with one or all of your family members? 

Wondering what to do when your child’s teacher, or other trusted adult, reports information about your child’s behavior that you do not agree with or understand? 

Nexus parenting group is a supportive and empowering place for parents to learn from the experts at Embark Counseling Services! In this group, you will learn practical and creative ways to address concerns about your child, as well as learn how multiple environments impact your child’s brain development, emotional and mental health.  Partner with our experts to build resiliency and healing from or preventing adverse childhood experiences.

Join now for a limited time introductory membership offer!  From now until 1/1/2019, join our community for only $10 per month.  After 1/1/2019,  monthly subscription is $25.00.

Membership includes:

  • Weekly Facebook live events, where you can chat with and ask questions of experts!
  • Monthly webinars regarding common parenting issues: chores, bedtime, homework, etc!
  • Tips and Tricks for stress-free parenting!
  • Schedule 30-minute individual consults, at a discounted rate, where you will develop targeted action items to match your parenting skills.
  • Advice and support from other community members, who are involved and concerned caregivers who want to develop healthy and happy children.