Stephanie Fox, LCSW, LSCSW

therapist for women and teens in st louis

Stephanie Fox, LCSW, LSCSW

Seeking help can be very scary, and finding the right anxiety therapist for your needs is important.  Stephanie understands and respects this vulnerability, and praises you in taking the first steps at change.  Using a compassionate, empathetic approach in her therapy, Stephanie develops a genuine relationship with each individual and perspective.  She specializes in anxiety disorders, depression, women’s issues and also provides excellent care and support for parents and families with various children’s issues.  Stephanie is available as your Therapist in St. Louis!

With over 10 years experience working as a mental health therapist for children and families, Stephanie believes mental and emotional health comes from mind, body, and spirit. She introduces mindfulness techniques to help clients of all ages face their adversities, including managing anxiety symptoms, depressive symptoms and other challenging behaviors.

Stephanie received a Bachelors degree in Child and Family Development from Missouri State University and her Masters degree in Social Work from St. Louis University.   Stephanie completed her certification in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, where she utilizes various strategies and techniques to help you achieve balance in your situation.  Stephanie has also completed training, providing a trauma competent distinction in her work.  As a trauma and anxiety therapist, she facilitates treatment from a client driven, attachment focused perspective that honors the unique strengths children, families, and individuals to help promote empowerment and healing. Utilizing evidence based treatment, Stephanie guides individuals, couples, and families to their fullest potential.

Stephanie practices in our St. Louis location.

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