Molly Rose, Therapy Dog

Molly Rose
Molly is currently working part-time, and the days vary depending on client need and sensitivity.

Why Choose a Therapy Dog?

Research has shown that animals in therapy can have significant outcomes.  Animals who are properly trained can not only aid in the healing of physical issues, but also improve mental health.  In our practice, Molly Rose is our Resident Therapy Dog, and she works with Teresa Paterson, LPC, LCPC, RPT, CCTP in both locations (Tuesdays in the Northland Office, and alternates Mondays and Thursdays in the Lenexa Office).  Molly Rose is not available to visit outside of the two offices within Embark Counseling Services, LLC.


Meet Molly Rose

Molly is a Registered F1 Goldendoodle female.  She is hypoallergenic, meaning she does not cause problems for most individuals who suffer with allergies.  Her breeder was a former school counselor, and partnered with Teresa to nurture her early stages of development with attachment and attunement in mind.  Molly is a loving companion, and is keenly aware of when to relax and support her companions emotionally.  She really enjoys helping those who experience anxiety, grief and depression.  She loves her “red ball”, and loves to hug.  Although, her hugs are not “human hugs”, they are hugs with her paws, where she appears to be giving you a high-5!

Molly gets her regular check-ups, stays current on her vaccines and gets groomed regularly – so that she can be the best she can be for her important work as your therapy companion!


How are Therapy Dogs Trained?

Therapy Dogs are a type of service dog, although Therapy Dogs training is specific to meet the needs of multiple people in an intimate setting.

It is important that therapy dogs undergo basic obedience training to master commands, and learn how to manage excitability and annoying behaviors that could be harmful to others, such as jumping, barking, biting and excessive licking.  However, all of these behaviors have a function, it is important that the therapy dog responds to the handler to maintain control and obedience during the therapy session.

Molly has completed her Good Canine Citizen training, and is a Registered Therapy Dog.

The ACA (American Counseling Association) endorses Animal Assisted Therapy